Just as the planets in the solar system who are mutually "friendly" or "inimical" (due to astronomical factors viz.a.viz. astrological), the numbers which signify them and the humans born under their influence also vary in their complexion, level of intelligence, profession and in their luck too. That is where the science of Numerology comes to their help. Having acquired a fair knowledge of the subject after reading this book, you would be happy to share some of my observations that have stood the test of time.

Number 46 is a magical number. People with this Name Number have reached the pinnacle of success in their career. Even those who were of humble beginnings have reached very high positions in their profession or society. Joseph Stalin, Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein are a few examples. NEIL A ARMSTRONG, the American astronaut has the Name Number 46 and it is needless to stay that his name will remain in the school text books for ever, because its benefic vibrations helped him earn the glory of becoming the first human to set foot on the moon. Remember, all those important people I cited above as examples were experts in their own fields, but their Name Numbers helped them achieve great heights and also consolidate their success. At the same time, Name Number 46 need not be favourable to each and everybody; for example, it may cause heart ailments to for those with Number 9 as Birth or Destiny Numbers.

Many people who are popular with the opposite sex (or "philandering" habitually!) have Number 37 as their Name Number. But, this is a combust number that causes blindness or affliction to organs above the neck in the case of people born on the 9 th , 18 th and 27 th . A Name Number of 45 is good for those born on the 9 th or 27 th of any month. Beware! Numbers 44 and 45 may cause serious disorders connected to the blood stream and sensory organs and in some cases, leprosy also! Many alcoholics who were warned of certain death have survived for a long time. But those who were avaricious, jealous and miserly have died prematurely, because they led a stressful life hoarding wealth all the time unmindful of the sufferings of their fellow humans. Many industrialists have confessed to me that they developed heart conditions and high blood sugar etc., when there was a strike or such other problem in their business. They followed my numerological advice which included philanthropic activities also and are in perfect state of health now.

Generally, the days under Number 6 are very lucky for those born on the 6 th , but they should strictly avoid treatment to their eyes on any days falling under Number 6. Number 2 dates also must be avoided for surgery because this "planet of fluid" causes more secretion of water and pus in the wounds that may become septic. Everyone except those born on the Number 9 dates can get their eyes treated on days under Number 1. Those under the numerological classification of Number 9 should strictly avoid Number 2 dates for surgery. Numbers 3 and 6 are mutually inimical (This theory of mine based on years of analysis may be different from Western approach to the subject, but is well-founded!). Similarly, the Number 7 people should avoid surgery on dates under Numbers 7 and 8. Dates under Number 8 cause adverse effects in case of persons born under Numbers 1, 2, 4, 7 and 8. Numbers, which, in the real sense represent planets, control the various organs of the human body and hence such results.

If the Name Number is changed to 41 and the person's date of birth is not 6, 15, or 24, his or her epileptic fits can be cured. For those born on the 6 th , 15 th or 24 th (or if their Destiny Number is 6), the name can be changed to Number 42 to experience good results. However, they should not change their Name Numbers to 33 which may aggravate the condition. The Parkinson's disease caused by degeneration of neurons cannot be cured by Number 5. Numbers 1 or 9, whichever is favourable, can be best utilised to contain the disease. All types of hard breathing and wheezing are not actually Asthma. This can be confirmed by noticing the lines on the finger tips whether they crisscross to form squares or otherwise. Asthma-like conditions are experienced due to environmental pollution also. Unless you are thorough and experienced in judging the cases, you should not hastily choose a Name Number which may cause an irreparable damage to the system. Certain numbers like, 16, 17, 26, 29, 31, 35, 38, 44 and 47 which cause adverse effects of varied strength, can be changed to favourable ones by the readers of this book as suggested in this book. At least, the change will not be for the worse, but may mitigate the negative effect! Do avoid the Number 38 that causes sudden death or accident in many cases, Number 16, loss of children or serious illness to them, and Number 47, which causes disorders connected to the organs of the head, especially to the eyes.

Thousands of childless couples have been benefited by this science. Many such people who were advised by leading doctors that medication would be futile, have changed their names to "fertile" numbers as advised by me and have been blessed with children. A lucky wedding date also plays an important role in bestowing a happy, long, prosperous married life and the gift of progeny. My research into the dates of birth and Name Numbers of hundreds of soldiers during my service with the Army during World War II came handy in predicting the events of their lives. Those who married on numerologically lucky days did not get injured seriously or died at the battle field. After my discharge from the military service, I continued my research in this particular aspect of Numerology which proved to be very interesting, thanks to my admirers in the fields of textiles and jewellery, who used to get me the necessary research material such as, wedding invitations of various couples, their dates of birth etc., My predictions based on such an unrelenting research helped many young people to find lovable and compatible partners, thus blessing them with success in their married life.

As a practitioner of this science, I have come across a lot of people from different walks of life from various parts of the world. A couple of my experiences in the early 1950s during my tours abroad would be worth-sharing.

I visited Ceylon (now, Srilanka) on an invitation from my admirers. During a discussion, I predicted that a judge by name Justice Nagalingam would become the Chief Justice of ceylon which caused a flutter. Because Justice Nagalingam had two seniors above him and could never dream of becoming the Number One in the Judiciary of that country. My close friend who was the secretary to the then Home Minister of Ceylon was the most upset, since my prediction was considered a "gamble". But it was not to be so! A month after my prediction, the serving Chief Justice had to go to Australia to participate in the Conference of Commonwealth Judges. The next senior judge had to undergo a surgery. Thus, Justice Nagalingam became the acting Chief Justice. Followingly, the then Governor General was recalled to London on some important mission and Justice Nagalingam took over as the (acting) Governor General also - not once, but twice!

On another occasion, when I addressed the members of the upper house of the Parliament of Ceylon, I predicted on the basis of various numerological data supplied to me, that the succeeding Prime Ministers would be the ones having the syllable sounds of "NAIKE" in their names. One member stood up suddenly and asked whimsically, "Panditji, my name is Dahanaike . Will you please bless me too with the post of Prime Minister of Ceylon?" Peals of laughter reverberated through the hall, because Mr.Dahanaike had absolutely no chance of becoming the Prime Minister, since he was an independent candidate who had only his own vote to his credit. I worked out his prospects numerologically and said, "Yes Sir, you Will also be the Prime Minister of Ceylon - but for a short while!" The members took it as a joke or as an adventurous prognostication, but the future events proved my prediction true.

After the assassination of Mr.Solomon Bandaranaike, the British Government had to nominate a member of the Ceylonese Parliament to the post of Prime Minister who had no affiliation to any party. Mr.Dahanaike was chosen to be the Prime Minister until the enquiry into the assassination was over! "The Times" of Ceylon wrote on its first page that except the Pandit from India , nobody ever even dreamt that Dahanaike would become the Prime Minister of Ceylon. In all my modesty, I can only attribute my success to the magic and logic of Numbers which rule the World!

I have an interesting incident to tell my readers regarding the power of Numbers. During my first trip to Malaysia and Singapore I could meet many of my readers in person, especially some of my Muslim friends who were living and working in those countries for the sake of their families in India . the Numerologically analysing, I could understand that those people had been under the strong influence of NUMBER 7 , figuring either as their Birth Number or Destiny Number or as their Name Number. (The numbers in the date of birth or the numerical values of the alphabets in the name reduced to the final single primary number).

The meeting was arranged after a grand reception at Kuala Lumpur by Shri.Sarangapani , the Managing Editor of "Tamil Murasu" and I was to address the mammoth gathering of my readers, clients and friends who were beforchand asked to bring their dates of birth and Names written on a piece of paper. After my lecture on the validity of Numerology, I declared that in all probabilities, everyone in the gathering should have Number 7 in their dates of birth or names. If anyone did not have Number 7 connected to their dates or names could raise their hands. NONE RAISED HIS HAND! Even Shri.Sarangapani admitted that he had come from Tiruvarur in South India when he was very young and had not returned to India since then. Most of the people related the same kind of story and some even said that they left India just three or four days after their wedding and did not return to their home country for so many years due to various reasons. But there was only one numerological reason - that was the influence of Number 7. I countered it by causing a favourable change to their names and the dates of their commencing any important activity.

It is heartening to note that all those people whose names I changed then are now leading prosperous and harmonious lives with their wives and children. The credit of popularising the science of Numerology goes to the periodicals of Malaysia such as, "TAMIL NESAN", "TAMIL MURASU", and "ECHO" and also my friends who spread the message of their success with my help by word of mouth!

There is not a single person in the world who is free from all worries - physical or mental! In the larger sense, this fact is more glaring in the case of the Nations of this world. If individuals like you come to know how to exploit and employ their latent powers their country would be more successful. And Numerology is one of the tools to achieve the goal and Your success is my goal!

I wish you all the best of good luck!

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