"Square pegs in round holes" is a phrase used to indicate people who are misfits in their jobs. Such ones are commonly found in large numbers these days. Pandit Sethuraman who authored and published "SCIENCE OF FORTUNE" in Tamil in the year 1954 has given an interesting analysis of this phenomenon. In his preface, quoting from ancient scriptures he says, "In Kaliyuga everyone will carry on the businesses of his or her own liking ... even the natural elements will change ...". This writ of changing times has affected Numbers, letters, the humans represented by them and all their activities including education and employment. No doubt, we find a lot of "misfits" in those fields. Some of them whose numerological factors are favourable have a high degree of adaptability and they flourish; all others perish. Of course, Numerology can come to their rescue and the book, "SCIENCE OF FORTUNE" can serve as a friend, philosopher and guide to those unfortunate souls!

First of all, find out whether the Name Number of a child is in harmony with the Numbers of date of birth. If, as per the Birth or Destiny Numbers, the child has an aptitude or skill in a particular field, then choose a Name Number that is lucky and suitable. This helps the child to pursue successfully that branch of study which suits him. When the child grows into a man, all the things relating to employment will easily fall into the slot, because the Numbers are there to take care. As regards grown-ups who find their jobs or business boring or unprofitable or involving dangers, it is never too late to remedy the fault in their numbers, so long as the persons are in their formative or productive cycle of life. You must remember that education or honing up a skill is like cultivation of a crop and employment or running a business is the harvest. Numerology as a whole and "Science of Fortune" in particular, is time-tested and can transform the lives of suffering souls. Let me discuss a couple of cases of numerological interest, one distinctly different from the other, which may enlighten you more.

Dr.Verghese Kurien, born on a date under Number 8, had an engineering degree from Michigan University in USA . Destiny gave him a job after his return to India , which was insipid to him and had no relation to his engineering aptitude. He was appointed as the Director of National Dairy Development Board in Gujarat . Everyone knows that he "fitted" too well in his assignment and was later praised as "The father of white revolution" in India , because his efforts ensured milk supply even to the remotest area of the country. It is learnt that this Number 8 personality chose to take up this job on the 13 th August 1949 . The "might" of Eight helps people too, if it is properly understood and used!

Born under Numbers 1 & 4, a Harvard drop-out arrested by cops in 1977 for rash driving was considered a "problem child"! Who could ever have predicted that the same boy would become the richest person in the world in the 31 st year of his age? Guess who? ... It is none other than BILL GATES , who founded the computer giant MICROSOFT!

But, Destiny's warning about the fateful numbers was not heeded in the case of SYED MEHENDI (Name Number 37). He changed his name to SYED MODI (Name Number 29) which spelt his doom. The young sportsman of India who had a promising future left his job, had a difference of opinion with his wife and died prematurely under tragic circumstances the cause of which is still not clearly known.

OSCAR WILDE may be a famous name in the literary circles of the English-speaking world, but the Name Number that totalled to an 8 was not lucky to this Irish writer born under Number 7. Fingel O'Flaherite Wills, as he was originally known, suffered untold miseries ostracized by the society and in is career, and finally in his 44 the year of age committed suicide. It is a pity that he had warned by a famous occultist of his time many years before his tragic death!

The above cited examples are only a few to prove that NUMBERS can either do or undo one's life. Any defect or deficiency in education or employment can be rectified by a Numerologist who knows thoroughly the magic and logic numbers and well-versed in Astrology, Palmistry and other fields of predictive sciences. Pandit Sethuraman was one such professional with rare wisdom and uncanny ability to peep into his clients' future. His monumental work in Tamil entitled "Adhishta Vingyanam" first published in 1954 is the best seller even to-day. His worthy son Mr.V.S.Guruswami , himself a famous professional numerologist for more than 15 years not only continues to publish the Tamil editions from 1997 (after his fathers' demise) but has published the English, Hindi, Telugu and Chinese versions also!

"SCIENCE OF FORTUNE" is not just a book - it is a key to the treasure house of Luck!

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